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Users can receive SynchroCoin tokens in reward for contributing to SynchroLife by adding a new restaurant to the platform, editing or Binance adding restaurant business information, marking closed restaurants, translating restaurant information, leaving high quality reviews or photos of restaurants, and more. All rewards are delivered to users via Ethereum smart contract.

I contacted Binance Customer Support immediately. That has now gone down to about $60K and I have no way of controlling my losses given my account is locked. I had close to $80K in cryptocurrency in the account at the time it was locked. Binance US locked me out of my account on 2/19/21 at 3pm ET for an unknown reason. I have now been waiting for over 3 days for my account to be unlocked. When I tried to login to their website, a pop-up said to contact customer support to unlock my account.

imageAlthough these GPUs weren’t marked as LHR, cryptocurrency even before the release there were rumors online about a limited hash rate on Ethash. After the release of the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and GeForce RTX 3070 Ti and their testing, the rumors about LHR were confirmed.

The miner shows a hash rate of ~78 Mh/s which is ~67% of the potential max hash rate. Conclusion: bitcoin GMiner 2.67 beta can partially unlock LHR. To prevent the hash rate from dropping, you can use a watchdog that restarts the miner when the hash rate drops below a specified value.

Additionally, the main platform is banned from operating in the United States , forcing the developers to create a localized version of the software for this specific territory alone. If you’re the type who makes quick profits by investing in promising new coins, this app is not for you. Unfortunately, its focus on mainstream currencies means that it rarely supports new or upcoming crypto coins .

Users who have contributed to participating restaurants (through high quality reviews or maintaining restaurant information) will also receive a small portion of participating restaurants’ advertising fees in reward for their contributions. Participating restaurants will be able to accept cryptocurrency payments as well as use SynchroCoin to pay for marketing and advertising on the SynchroLife platform. Users will also be able to use SynchroCoin tokens to purchase discount coupons or gift cards from participating restaurants, tip other users, or even buy meals at participating restaurants. SynchroLife is connecting both users and restaurants together to build a mutually beneficial token-based economy.

Testing the miner with additional arguments (—lhr_tune1 -10 and —lhr_tune2 -10) didn’t demonstrate hash rate stability during the operating period longer than 48 hours. Three minutes after the start, the hash rate settles at ~74 Mh/s, and after 24–36 hours, the lock gets activated on one of the GPUs (different from test to test): the hash rate falls to ~43 Mh/s.

"That’s like going to the Olympics and getting 15 medals in 15 different fields," he declared in December. In regular live streams, he aggressively marketed Celsius, talking up the huge yields. Mashinsky rejected the criticism.

It even boasts some of the lowest fees available. From cashing in and out to trading across a wide range of currencies, this app has you covered. Unfortunately, aside from an isolated US market , the platform also caters to mainstream coins and rarely supports upcoming cryptocurrencies. For people who are new to cryptocurrency , as well as those who don’t do riskier transactions , Binance should be enough for all your needs.

what a complete rubbish as its my money and I want it back and they wont let me. I have no clue how to get it back, as they can do whatever they want. Hi, I am trying to withdraw my funds or just transfer my BTC to another wallet but Binance will not let me saying there is a minimum amount to transfer. I have tried email and call left more than 10 messages but they don’t even reply back.

We want to help people get the most out of every meal they have when dining out, and btc build a truly global platform where people can connect socially and discover the best foods from both their city and around the world." Of the 750,000 restaurants on the platform, users added 35,000 of them. We believe that we can take this platform and grow it even more by rewarding users for their contributions and maintaining restaurant information decentralized on the blockchain. SynchroLife Limited CEO Tomochika Kamiya comments, "Using just gamification in the beta version of SynchroLife released in Japan, we’ve seen over 32,000 users join the platform and contribute over 150,000 reviews with over 300,000 photos. We are going to build a global and reliable restaurant recommendation platform in a way that has never been possible through traditional service models.

Most often, but not always, it appears their accounts were flagged for "suspicious activity" and the people are unsure how to then withdraw their money from Binance, even after trying to verify their identity. Other times, people say they deposited money but simply aren’t able to take any money out for weeks and sometimes months, assuming they could access the money at all. The first, and arguably most alarming pattern, appears to be people who put large amounts of money into Binance but say they can’t get their money out.

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